Wednesday, 16 January 2013


We describe Depressed Academics as "A community blog about depression and mental health issues in academia and among academics."

The key word in that description is "community".   We are posting our own stories and thoughts but would very much welcome further input from the community.

Of course you can feel free to post comments on existing blog entries.  Anonymous comments or under a pseudonym are absolutely fine.  At the moment comments are open and unmoderated.  If we detect spam or abusive comments we will delete them, but otherwise please share your thoughts.

If you don't want to comment but want to contact us,  we have set up an email address and please do use it if you wish:

We have also set up a twitter account


and a facebook page.

We are not in any sense social media experts, or have any reason to favour twitter or facebook except for their popularity.  We are very open to suggestions for other ways to build this community.  

Finally: and this is critical.  We are not in any sense mental health professionals.  We are academics.  And we are not even lay experts.  This blog is by and for academics who might be depressed - or for others interested in what it's like for academics who might be depressed.   You should bear that in mind, and especially not take anything we say about mental health as being true.

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