Thursday, 17 January 2013

Guest post invitation

This post is  to invite you to write a guest post, should you wish to.

As an aside, my pointer has been at zero or close to it for several days now, thanks for asking.  Actually in general this year I have not been too bad, and sometime I'll post about a trick that has been working for me.  But specifically starting this blog has been helpful because it has given me something to do and make me feel we can do something about this.  Except that feeling good gives me a bit of that imposter syndrome again.

We do want a community and we are more about people telling them stories than giving advice.

It the minute we do not have a great setup for guest posts, but you can do this easily: just mail us at and we can put something up.   It will appear under one of our names but we can credit you.   Of course we will credit your preferred name, real, pseudonym, or anonymous.

Posts will be published under the share-alike creative commons licence, but you will retain copyright.

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  1. Hi Ian

    am struggling with first day back at work after half term and should really be catching up with my online students. But for some reason, I was drawn to the idea of your blog - maybe its the same feeling of wanting to do something constructive.

    And having dashed off a cartoon strip over lunch (my attempt at an art therapy blog but which I don't have the skills for) my mind turned to affirmations which I had bumped into while on a patronising CBT course. So now, instead of the "my life has meaning and worth" I have "the thing to do is to think you can do" going around in my head. Its less pompous, more catchy* and may be a trick** to keep me going. So maybe that CBT wasn't quite so useless ...

    * having struggled to get Kate Bush's "Army dreamers" out of my head yesterday
    ** like the one you mentioned at


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