Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Some resources ...

An old friend just contacted me with some links, and I want to share them.  They are more or less UK centric but they may well have links of international interest.   The first is a UK charity specifically targetting people in post-16 education who may be having problems.

  • Recourse,  a UK charity, which describes itself as "The only charity providing practical and emotional support to staff in FE & HE. Free, confidential Support Line: 0808 802 02 03." Obviously that's a UK number, but there are resources on the web site which may be useful for other locations. 
  • Recourse are on twitter as @RecourseCharity

The following links are not specifically academic and even more geographically limited (Scotland) but if people are looking for help they might be useful.

Thanks very much for these links.  Of course putting these links here is no endorsement of these sites and organisations.

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