Thursday, 17 January 2013

What is this feeling?

In terms of getting things done, today hasn't been a great day.  I wouldn't say I got a lot of stuff done at work, though I did a couple of things.   Wasn't terrible and not great.

At home I did non zero but minimal housework, and messed up supper because I forgot about my wife being out and then forgot about the leftovers.  Not a disaster at all, but not great.

Here's the thing.  This evening my pointer has been at pretty close to zero: summary of previous post, that is good. Which is a very odd feeling for me.   Unprecedented for months if I have a day where things have not gone great.    I am literally feeling uncomfortable about feeling ok.  

Last night I went to a pub quiz and we were told in one question to think about it.  I found it hilarious how our table of academics massively overthought it: "well it could be this but we haven't really thought about it yet."   This post is telling you that yes, I can see I'm overthinking this as well.

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