Friday, 15 February 2013

Down and Up Again

It's been an odd week.  

On Wednesday night and Thursday morning I was very down.  On my scale I would say I was at about 4, where maybe about 5 is where I start to fail in terms of getting through the day.

At that time I literally thought I couldn't put together a simple website.   Yesterday I went to work and talked to a friend and got tips on how to set it up.   It's now up in a stub form. I think being able to talk about depression helped because I could just be open and say I had an attack of feeling useless.   Getting that together seems to have got be back to about 1.

It was weird looking at my recent posts.  I honestly thought that this burst of low mood had started with the car problem on Tuesday.  But I see I had already put out two posts about feeling low before that happened.   Something gave me a dip and I don't know what.

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