Monday, 11 February 2013

More Finely Tuned Depression Detection Machine

This year - and I suspect not coincidentally following founding Depressed Academics with Mikael - I have been pretty happy. 

I can't see this corresponds with an increase in smarts or concentration or ability to get things done.  But it does seem to correlate with an increased level of confidence.  Things I would normally be scared to try seem easier to try at least, and if they don't work out, so what?

One of those things is the most ambitious project of my academic career.   It is - I'm not joking about this - meant to be what I'm remembered for and to change the field (of Computer Science).   Not quite ready to tell you what it is yet, sorry!

But suddenly I find myself thinking "I can't do this, I'm not the right person, it doesn't matter anyway", and thinking how convenient and simple life will be if I just don't bother. 

I don't really believe that, but even though I'm still pretty happy, it does seem to indicate my brain is becoming a more finely tuned machine to detect depression.   Not even knowing I had depression till it was diagnosed a few years ago, and now I can detect it just like that!

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