Friday, 8 February 2013

Telling your colleagues

Some of my current colleagues know.

Some of my past colleagues know — Ian for instance.

My current HR admins know: they have reimbursed me for my psychiatrist sessions.

I vacillate on whether to tell all my current colleagues; whether to tell my boss. I almost get all the way to “Yes”, and then something happens — something at once small and insignificant and also a warning flag. A nervous comment about an incoming new colleague, outing their minority status at a largish meeting and commenting on their perceivable ‘weirdness’.

And on the one hand, I understand this as what it is: trying to handle something unfamiliar and dealing with a potentially problematic subject from a leadership position. On the other hand, I know several people who would be furious at being outed this way.

I certainly would not want the first thing my new colleagues know about me to be “Mikael is depressed and medicating.”

Maybe fifth.

Not first.

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