Sunday, 28 April 2013

Facebook argument

Today I had a perfectly friendly argument on facebook.   I posted something, a couple of friends disagreed, I argued, that's about it.   I found it engaging, it was perfectly good humoured, nobody was rude or offensive to me.   But in the end I found it a bit depressing.

My facebook usage used to be have a lot of  posts with complaints about things, most often things that annoyed me in the news.   A few months ago I made a conscious effort to be a bit more positive, not bothering to post the negative things and being more likely to post more positive ones.   I don't honestly know if it has helped me, except it's nice sometimes to spread good news when I would not previously have bothered.

This is nothing to this story.  Nobody was mean to me and I hope I wasn't mean to them.   But I found it a bit depressing.

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