Saturday, 27 April 2013

Link: The Elephant in the Room: The Stigma Around Mental Health

The Elephant in the Room: The Stigma Around Mental Health is an excellent article by a young student at Huffington Post Students UK.  

This post happens to be by a relative of a friend of mine, but that's just how it came to my attention on facebook.  It focusses on the difficulties of being diagnosed with depression as a young person, both medical and family.  

One of the points she picks up on is the problems caused by the multiple meanings of the word depressed, which I've also blogged about.  At least on this blog, I try to use a word like "dispiriting" instead of "depressing" if I mean the non-medical type of depressing: e.g. "Getting a paper rejected is dispiriting."

In site news, there's not been a lot of posts recently. I can't speak for Mikael but for me that's generally a good sign. I haven't been feeling depressed but also have had a cough which has slowed me down.  The good side of the cough is that I have had a lot of seriously serious naps.  Yesterday my naps were an hour, 20 minutes, and two hours.  Lovely.

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  1. Not on topic so I didn't link to in the main article, but here's another excellent article by Beth.


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