Friday, 17 May 2013

Link: High Functioning Depression on Reddit

Just googled for "High Functioning Depression" and three of the top four links were to my posts on Depressed Academics on the topic.  (Though our overlords Google knew it was me searching so maybe they bias the results.)   In a sense this is dispiriting: it would be better if there was lots of great information on the topic instead of these few posts.  

This is the top link: a thread on reddit.

Something leapt out at me as a description of what high functioning depression can be like: "for example, I can work hard all day long, write complex documents, provide legal advice etc. then I come home and I am almost crying because I just cant face doing the dishes."

Also while I'm here, it might be worth mentioning the subreddit (if that phrase means something to you) /r/depression.  It comes with a lot of caveats but does seem to be quite active.


  1. Again, thanks for posting.. I related to a lot of this... I find that when I make a committment to doing something (or being somewhere), I do my best to fulfil it, and everything else goes to pot. It's like I only have enough energy to do a certain number of things... And that number varies depending on my mood.

    With regards to not much information being available, sometimes it's about your search terms.. i notice that 'atypical depression' appeared in the comments under that link you posted... did googling that give any better results?


    You'vre probably read this, but found this link relatively easily (maybe google *is* thwarting your attempts). The poster argues that high-functioning depression doesn't exist, more that it is people that are hiding their depression and faking being ok for periods at a time e.g. when at work

    But if that concept upsets you, please don't read... It's just one opinion after all.

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