Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Link: Hyperbole and a Half

I have been reluctant to post this because I assume everybody will have seen it.  But everybody will only see it if everybody cross posts it.  So here goes.

This is remarkable: "Depression Part Two" at Hyperbole and a Half".   Warning: like many links from here you might not find it a comfortable read since it has a lot about the inside of feeling depressed and some discussion of suicidal feelings.

I particularly empathise with the line "I don't necessarily want to kill myself, I just want to become dead somehow."  Though I don't want to kill myself, the thought of not being around can be quite comforting.  That is even though - as now - things are going quite well and I am only rarely miserable.


  1. Thanks for posting... I hadn't seen it, and could relate to some it, especially the interaction with non-depressed people. I don't really see any point to my living, but I also don't actually want to kill myself...

  2. I just discovered Hyperbole and a Half and am so enthralled and amazed at Allie Brosh's lovely way of bringing stories to life with her words and pictures. Depression is a reality that is so hard for non-depressed people to understand, and she highlights that so well.


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