Sunday, 19 May 2013

Anchoring :)

Something that has really helped the past two to three days:

Anchoring and nourishment from the past are my two favorite right now.

Cheers, and happy resting!

Note: these relaxation "exercises" are for college aged individuals.


  1. If one is a functional depressive, I must believe there is such a thing as a functional hypomanic.

  2. Apparently mdjunction has what looks like an interesting post on functional "hypomania". Thanks google.

    I was on this site when I was younger, and absolutely loved it.

  3. Because it's been awhile and i can't figure out how to do it other than anonymous, i.will say this: my meds have been increased. Klonipin and increased depakote. And mindfulness and doing yoga at my doctor appointment office helped a lot. She didn't think i was weird, just hyper verbal. Everyone had been nice to me on my journey. My td had improved and I'm less tense. Back with family four better or for stressful haha.

    Overall though. I'm about to sleep some more and again!!! Congrats duu!!


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