Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Not the 100th post on Depressed Academics

I was looking at the blog page today and noticed that it was at 99 posts.   That made me wonder if we should do something for our 100th post.  Maybe some reflections by the various people who have posted.  Maybe a request for input from blog readers.  Except I couldn't ask the blog readers because ...well that would be our 100th post.

Then I realised that there are three posts in process of being written (or possibly forgotten about), so actually there are only 96 posts.  There will still be a couple more before the 100th - this is now the 97th.

So ... should we do anything special for our 100th post?  If you have any ideas please do comment - or if more private contact us by email.

If the answer is no that is fine by me.  Depression is not a topic to celebrate, so maybe having a 100 different things to say about it is not a thing to celebrate either.


  1. How about something to do with our community, as Duuras said in this comment to a recent post?

  2. Yeah, we could potentially do a joint post talking about our community.

    Some ideas:

    -Why it's important to have a community
    -How having a community has helped us cope
    -How we "fit" here

  3. Ok I've started a post which others can edit. Actually I don't think it matters if it is THE 100th post. When we are ready let's release it whether it's our 100th post or not. Nobody should NOT post something cos of this. It can be our 107th post, whatever.


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