Friday, 13 December 2013

I've been slow lately

I had an interesting experience last night.

The last few weeks I have found it very hard to be effective at work.  I have for example a bit of marking that might take an hour.  I think I should do it at the start of the day.  At about 11pm I do it for an hour until midnight.  Which is ok, except that I have done nothing else all day, or just maybe meetings, because the next thing to do is the marking and instead I facebook or find any other displacement activity.  So I've not relaxed all day, and worried, and not done anything.

The last couple of days I've taken a workaround, of not worrying and not trying to do the small thing until late. Not ideal in many ways but better than before.

But the really interesting thing was last night.  I went to order some things online for Christmas presents.  It just seemed ridiculously hard.  There was something which I could no longer get, so there was a minor difficulty.  But it just all seemed so hard.

So it seems like I have been having a tougher time all round than I expected.

At least it's a good time for a holiday to be rolling round.

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  1. Ian, thanks for posting this. I think you illustrate nicely how depression can manifest--even subtly-- but still effect our production levels. I have also been feeling/thinking/moving slower than "normal". Sometimes I find an activity much easier if I take mini breaks throughout the task.


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