Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Appointment and Shopping

I've got an appointment at Occupational Health Service at St Andrews University, which I've heard good things about.  So that is a good thing. 

I wish I'd known about this organisation earlier. I'm a bit embarrassed I didn't, but also I suppose it needs better publicity.

I went shopping today to get some beer and crisps.  But making tiny choices seemed very hard: should I look for meringues to make Eton mess??   It's well known that decisions become hard when you are anxious, but I really saw this - and felt it - today.

I'm microblogging this because ... I don't know, but I am.


  1. Edinburgh also has a staff and student counselling service which (obviously!) has the advantage that the counsellors have some understanding of what academic life is. Don't know if St A's does, but might be worth considering.

    1. St Andrews used to have its own counselling service, which I used a few times 1994-6, but it doesn't seem to now, but staff can be referred on to an external service. See
      Dundee University where I am now still has a staff/student counselling service, though I found it very little use when I tried it - circa 2005. They just couldn't grasp what I was battling with (a very aggressive life-threatening neurological disease, while trying a second go at a PhD, history this time). I had more success chatting to the University Chaplain, despite me being agnostic, which I made very clear to her ha!

    2. And Ian: here is the info about St Andrews's chaplaincy service, which like Dundee can help staff/students, whether religious or not. Don't rule it out too readily. The chaplain I spoke to at Dundee was great, and had a PhD so knew exactly what I was battling with. Plus they are very good listeners.


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