Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Feeling normal from time to time

Last night I had a bath and afterwards realised that during the bath I more or less felt normal.  I mean, normal being however I usually feel, which may not be normal at all.

Also this morning woke up with the same feeling.  Got up and got breakfast like I normally do instead of slumping and waiting for my wife to do it.

Later on started to think about the referendum again and was winding myself up.  But managed to catch it, and have a nap.  Not feeling normal right now but not too bad.

For me the not normal feeling is a slight clench in my stomach telling me that something is going to go wrong: maybe not my stomach but just on the bottom of my ribcage on the left.

Apropos nothing I'm pleased that my sense of humour never went away. I don't mean it's particularly helped me, but it's nice that I'm not completely broken.

And here are two news stories on the referendum that have cheered me up a bit in the preceding days:

Random donations to a food bank, showing that many Scots want to get over the referendum and get on with helping other Scots.

Tam Dalyell on the West Lothian Question (partly because I honestly thought he had died so was pleased he's still her).

And finally here's an amazing story that I hadn't heard about until now

India got an orbiter round Mars for $71 million.  !!!

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