Monday, 22 September 2014

It's Anxiety

Should have realised.

Went to the doctor for symptoms of anxiety and she changed my medication to be more anxiety focussed.

Don't know if that will help.  I'm not obsessive about meds so haven't even looked at the name yet.  Apparently it can make me more anxious for the first couple of weeks.

I think the anxiety is an issue.  I am a worrier definitely, and then join that together with an obsession, I dunno but it could be not too healthy. In this case - the referendum - obviously it can cause anxiety.

But now I have whatever you have when you anxiety. I think it's called anxiety.  The tiniest things set my heart racing and I notice it.

Anyway, it's anxiety.

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  1. Anxiety meds (a suitable SSRI - took me a few goes to find the right one) help me a lot. But yes, it can take a little while to kick in, and you can be more frazzled while waiting. But hopefully it will help you like it helps me. I have generalised anxiety disorder. I also find it helpful minimising my trigger points and sources of anxiety as much as I can. Good luck!


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