Sunday, 18 January 2015

Just because…

…I'm responding to my Lamictal doesn't mean I'm not actually ill.
…things feel horrible right at this moment doesn't mean they will forever.
…I know what I'm supposed to be doing (weight loss, self care, et.c.) doesn't mean it's trivial to do that.
…I'm ill doesn't mean I'm not also stressed.
…I'm stressed doesn't mean I'm not also ill.
…I'm procrastinating doesn't mean I don't get work done.
…I love my work doesn't mean it is the only thing that defines me.
…the last thing I heard before crashing was you doesn't mean that what you said made me crash.
…there were things that needed doing doesn't mean my emotional crash is an attempt to get out of doing them.

Some of these it has taken me years to realize.
Some of them I still haven't quite accepted.


  1. Thanks for that. Most of these touch me and I think I believe most of them too, which is I suppose a good sign.

    I think the not being ill - the first one - is a strong one. Most of the time I feel ok so I want to say to myself that I'm not ill, but that's not the same thing at all.

  2. I just deleted a comment - not because it was inappropriate but because the author removed it but the empty comment was still visible.

    I completely respect you for removing the comment but equally I respected totally the original comment. I would say only this: if you want to talk in public or private, please feel free.


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