Wednesday, 4 March 2015

What I'd like my Wikipedia page to say

I was pretty miserable yesterday, though I did have the pleasure of being sent some pictures of puppies by our very own Depressed Academic blogger Patch.

Last night I was googling "Petrie Multiplier" and noticed to my great pleasure that it now has a Wikipedia page.

Then I noticed that it links to my Wikipedia page. Which is obviously a nice ego boost. It was set up about a week ago.  I promise you, I had nothing to do with it. I did once buy somebody a beer to name something the "Gent representation" but my ego hasn't extended to writing or asking anybody to write a wikipedia page for me.

I'm not allowed to edit it myself (in theory), but there's a lot of things I would like my wikipedia page to say.

 Two of the most important are ...

In January 2013 Ian Gent founded the blog Depressed Academics with Mikael Vejdemo-Johansson.

In September 2014, Ian Gent was diagnosed with anxiety and was unable to work for two months, writing publicly about some aspects of his situation.

Various links on depressed academics can serve as sources for these if you feel like adding those (though I think wikipedia sometimes hassles you for using blog posts.)


  1. I would also like it to say that I discovered 177,747 ways to tie a tie, but that was Mikael!

    1. You're going to end up causing the creation of MY wikipedia page this way, aren't you?

  2. That would be nice. Ties, Depressed Academics... :)

  3. I added the first sentence. Let's see if the wikimaniacs keep it up.

    Mr Grumpy


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