Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Link: Life of the Mind Interrupted

We just came across the following remarkable series by Katie Rose Guest Pryal

There's really a lot of awesome stuff here, and it's well worth reading.  I haven't read all of it yet but here are some snippets from the first post...
But once she earned tenure, she felt a responsibility to speak on behalf of others who weren’t so lucky: “Finally, I realized that many are truly prevented from disclosing because they don’t have job security. Once I had tenure, I wasn’t. I thought that I had a responsibility to speak out for those who couldn’t.” 
“They hired you for your mind,” she [a different person] told me. “Why would you volunteer that there’s something wrong with it?” 
and from the most recent post as I write:
Given that new research shows that precarious academic employment itself is a risk factor for mental illness, it seems like a terrible idea for someone with a psychiatric disability to take a contingent teaching job. Too bad for seven years I never felt like I had a choice. 
Now that I’ve left academia behind, not only have those fears fallen away (well, for the most part), but I now can devote myself to writing about disability studies, my area of specialty that I rarely had time for before.
These snippets are not meant to be a balanced subset of what she is saying, just almost random illustrations of how well-worth reading the series is.

Yes, we're a year late to find this, but here it is now. 

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  1. Wow. There is some hard-hitting stuff here. It's incredibly good!


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