Wednesday, 7 October 2015

I've been busy

This is another guest post from Dorothy Donald.

Since I last wrote a post:

I have done lot at work (though I have not been working an 80-hour week and I have, for the most part, refused to feel guilty for that)

I have been exercising regularly

I have made some new friends

I have been on some dates

I have spent time talking with friends and family who are having difficult times of their own and offering as much support as I can

I have rediscovered reading for pleasure

I have levelled with myself about how much sleep I actually need and done my best to get that amount

I have made it all the way through September – shortening days, wind, rain, and all – without sinking. 

I have reached the point where all of the stuff I’ve been doing to distract myself from my depression is starting to look like a normal and healthy life. The fiction I have constructed about being a functioning adult is getting hard to disentangle from reality. My depression hasn’t vanished, but it’s been in the background rather than dominating the landscape.

(My flat is still a mess.)

I go to see Neil again in three days.

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