Wednesday, 11 November 2015

Rest In Peace, Dear Patch

Yesterday I received some very sad news.

One of our contributors to Depressed Academics has died. Patch Reynolds died on Monday 9th November. She was only 21. I'd known her for 2 years since she started a degree in Computer Science, and I was her first year coordinator.

Please do read her beautiful post she wrote for us: On being the happiest person in the room.

Patch was a remarkable person. She had problems with mental health and with eating disorders, and while it is uncomfortable for me to say that in public since it is so usually private, she was incredibly open about it and sought so hard to help others. At the same time she was perhaps the most enthusiastic person I've ever met: enthusiastic about everything she was enthusiastic about.

You want to know the kind of person Patch was? Just a few days ago the eating disorders charity tweeted out her name as one of the young ambassadors who had helped them win an award for their work.
I will miss Patch terribly. Rest in peace, dear Patch.

Update, 17 November 2015

I'm just updating this to point to a couple of other tributes to Patch:

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