Friday, 16 February 2018

Call for Participants: Mental Health at the Joint Mathematics Meetings

I have been talking for the past couple of Joint Mathematics Meetings to people in AMS and MAA about the need for more of a support structure, and how to get there.

This year, I talked to Chris Goff (leader of the Spectra LGBT support network) and Helen Grundman (AMS Director of Education and Diversity) about wanting us to do more, and they suggested to start with a panel discussion on the next Joint Mathematics Meetings.

I would like to ask if you my reader or you my community member would
1. be planning on going to the Joint Mathematics Meetings, and
2. be interested (or persuadable) to participate in a panel discussion / conversation about life and issues with living and working with mental health problems in mathematics.

I would like for our focus to be more on how to handle mental health on the teacher/professor/staff side, rather than on the student side — though I expect that both will naturally come up in the discussion.

Please get in touch with me if you find this even slightly interesting — is a good email address — and show this post to anyone else who might have an interest either in listening or participating.

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